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Filming at SLEHS

A lot of things have been happening lately, all for the good of our team. More especially, the team has been given a huge, once in a lifetime, opportunity by being selected by a local film company to shoot a video for FIRST Headquarters. Filming will occur this weekend from 7am to 7pm on both Saturday & Sunday. A representative from FIST HQ will be on hand. (Here is a link to a video they completed for GM about a robotics team:

Our team is being allowed to have six students behind the scenes to help with set up of the scenes as well as driving the 2018 robot. When needed, these students can become extras in the shots. We will need to have alteast one person from the 2018 drive teams (Bread or Butter) on hand for driving the 2018 robot when needed.

As this is a huge impact on our community, our district, and our team, we are being allowed to have (2) students behind the scenes record, take pictures, document, etc. the whole venue so that we can use this incredible event for a newspaper article, chairman’s award material, impact study material, etc.

FIRST wants this video to be fair to all teams, so the filming and subsequent video cannot show any preference to a particular team or entity. Therefore, no team shirts are allowed, as well as any items with logos on it, such as Red Wings, Tigers, Abercrombie & Fitch, etc. Plain shirts work best. Also, we want people to be in closed toe shoes, clothing without holes in them, etc. You will need to sign a permission slip & video release and bring it with you when you come.

Because filming is 7am to 7pm each day, and there are many graduation happenings, we are breaking up the time into slots for each day.

I know this is short notice, but it’s purely a once in a lifetime experience. Please complete the google spreadsheet ASAP. If you are interested use the contact page of this website to let us know. Thank you!

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