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Buckeye Regional Event March 28th-31st, 2019:

Feedback from the judges in respect to our first edition of a safety coloring book. 

What are the goals for your safety coloring book?   Promote FIRST Safety

Target Audience? 6yr - 18 yr olds, FLLjr through FRC

Message? BE SAFE, Make it  habit

Inspire, Interest, Engage?  By Posing Questions, such as, "Can you identify the poor safety choices?"


FIRST Safety Includes:

Safety Glasses

Proper clothing, shoes, attire

Tie Back Hair, Jewelry, etc.

Running in the pits

Power Tool Safety

Battery Spills & Safety

First Aid, CPR, AED

Action Taken: 

As a team we have decided to take a look at the current revision and break it up into two coloring books, one for inspiring FIRST robotics, and one to cover FIRST Safety Issues. Deadline, June 1st. 

Results & Reflection:   TBD after deadline

Livonia Event April 4th - 6th, 2019:

Since we are not competing at Livonia, we were able to talk with the safety judges. "What cool or the most special thing you have seen or would like to see"

1. Ul safety training online... team safety app/website that is updated easily and recently. 
3. Emergency plan for evacuation, local hospitals, urgent care, poison control numbers, maps. 
4. Team name badges with critical medical info located on back of button.
5. Identify students who can use power tools, electrical, and other our first badges.
6. Identify students/mentors who have had first aid, CPR, aed training. 
7. Reflection journal of event experience on safety, what was learned, what changes will be made, why, what outcomes expected, goals, results....

Action Taken: 

As a team we have decided to integrate the items learned at Livonia into our program and update our safety program with these changes for May 15th deadline. 

Results & Reflection:   TBD after deadline

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