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Become a Sponsor

Become a Sponsor:


Sponsoring a FIRST Team or event is a great way for a company, educational institute, philanthropic foundation or an individual to make a contribution to the development of area youth as they explore the worlds of science and technology.  Click on the Donate box to make a contribution.

Additional opportunities to be a part of the program:

• Team Sponsor
• Event Sponsor
• Provide in-kind donations
• Provide mentorship


To learn more about becoming a sponsor, contact us at or



Become a MENTOR:


MECHANICAL ENGINEERS: - To assist in all things mechanical on the robot: drive train, arms, lifts, storage, grippers.  Working with the team once a week for an hour or so prior to the start of the competition is a great way to indoctrinate the students into mechanical design.  Ideally, a team would love to have a separate mechanical engineer/designer head up each system on the robot.  It often takes years for a team to get to this point.


ELECTRICAL ENGINEER: - To assist in wiring the robot, placement of speed controllers and spikes.  Substantially the same motors are in the kit each year.  FIRST provides torque curves and other motor information to all teams.


COMPUTER PROGRAMMER: - With knowledge of C, C++, JAVA or LabVIEW to assist students in programing the robot.  The robot control system, the CRio from National Instruments, is included in the kit of parts.  The robot computer comes with a default program but must be customized.  There is also a 15 second autonomous mode in each 2 minute round on the field.  The team will need help programming this.


DESIGNER OR CAD/UG OPERATOR: - To help the team move from sketches and design concepts into working drawings.  Many teams start with paper and pencil and move to computer aided design in later years.  Many teach computer design to the students in the off season (fall and summer).


MACHINIST/TECHNICIAN/MECHANIC: - To assist students with fabrication of parts, help design systems and help make improvements.  Students love to fabricate parts themselves, but need to learn how to do so safely. 


PNEUMATICS EXPERT: - To assist with any pneumatics on the robot.  Cylinders, valves and a pump are included in the kit of parts provided by FIRST and are often used on the robots. 

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