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About Us

Who we are:

The Flying Toasters are an after school robotics team in the South Lyon, MI area.  We act as students striving for a better tomorrow in the work place, in the economy, and in our environment.  Today high school students from both South Lyon High and South Lyon East High schools build competitive robots for various competitions including FIRST, OCCRA, and VEX.  The Flying Toasters have been around since 2006, but the name didn't stick until 2011. 2018 marks our eighth year competing in the FIRST robotics competition.  We hope to see you on the field!


What we do:

As students trying to make a better future, we promote robotics in our surrounding community, whether at a festival, at a football game, or at our curriculum nights.  By spreading the word of our team we are able to get new students of any age group involved and help our effort toward success.  We are currently raising donations for an organization that donates laptops to underprivileged children.  It's projects like this that inspire us to work harder every single day.  If you ever come to a Flying Toaster meeting, you'll find that everyone is working hard on something to benefit the team and community as a whole.


Founded in 2010, our team is celebrating its 8th season this year. 



Anyone can help us complete our mission.... It's simple! Help us by donating, sponsoring, or even mentoring! We love to see adults in our community help teach the next generation of Toasters! It does not matter what previous experience you have with robotics, we need people in almost all fields of business: marketing, law, web design, animation, machining, engineering, and so many more. 

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