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Please enjoy a recap of our 2016 Season.  Thank you for all of your support.

Check out our Video Playlist recapping the 2016 Season ------->

March 24-26th Livonia

We placed 11th overall among 40 teams in our debut and won the Engineering Inspiration Award!

April 7-9th

We placed 3rd in the qualifiers among 40 teams, and finished 2nd in the Finals.  We also won the Chairman's Award!

April 13-16th
Michigan State

We qualified 16th among 102 teams, and placed 11th in the Finals.  For the 2016 season, we are ranked 35th among 411 teams in the State of Michigan.


Coming Soon !

April 27-30th
World Championship

We qualified 9th among the 75 teams in our Curie Division, and placed 4th in the Division finals. The best we've done so far.

Bloomfield All-Girls

We qualified 9th seed out of 32 teams, a feat in spite of us changing out positions so that every girl had a chance to be a part of the competition drive team.  After very challenging quarter and semi-finals, we placed 1st in the Finals, winning 2 of 3 matches.  A perfect closure for our 2016 Season.  

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