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Welcome! FRC Teams to the Livonia Competition, March 30 & 31:

We here in Livonia are looking forward to a wonderful competition at home. I have attached a poster announcing the Livonia District to share with your community (if you are close), a welcome letter for your team, and a copy of the agenda for the tournament. We feel confident in offering a great facility and many accommodations for a comfortable competition. The building is laid out conveniently with a robot unload location at the front of the school for the Thursday night of pit set-up, and we would like to urge you to take advantage of this location. However, for the days of competition, Churchill has about four times the parking behind the school, so please park for the day in the rear lot, keeping the front more open so visitors can feel welcome to come watch.


Bear in mind if you enter the lot in the front of the school, you will not be able to access the rear lot. There is no egress. You are required to go back to Newburgh Road and go around. A much easier way to access the back parking lot is to simply pass the school traveling South onNewburgh and enter at the first driveway on the left after passing the school. That south side driveway leads to the rear of the building and much more parking, AND IT IS A CLOSER WALK TO THE FIELD!


Concessions: If pre-ordering is not possible for your team, you are more than welcome to purchase other affordable, nutritious food items that are available at our concessions as well. Our concessions open with coffee and breakfast baked goods early and stay open for sales all day Friday and Saturday, so feel confidence in depending on our concessions both days of the competition.

Pit Set Up:

Doors Open: 5:00 -- Teams are welcome to unload in the the front of the building directly into the pits at the front doors. Additional parking is in the back of the building.

Concessions: The Livonia Warriors will also be offering a mini concession stand Thursday night for pit set up. You can grab a cup of coffee, a pop, a hot dog, a piece of pizza, chips, candy etc. So if you are rushing, just come get started and these concessions will be affordable and quick for your convenience. Come to the cafeteria and check it out. We want your time at the Livonia District Competition to be convenient and enjoyable!

EVENT INFORMATION: You can also go directly to our competition page for additional event information click here

Be Safe and Gear UP -- See you on the field! - High School Robotics Coach FRC 2832

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