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Cheifdelphi post...we are in the news!

Lincoln: Freeze Machine Featured Matchup: 3641 vs. FiM The Toasters have already competed once this season, going down to the Palmetto Regional where they were the 2nd overall pick and made it to the semifinals. But will they be able to carry this success with them to Michigan? Last year, the toasters went unpicked at one district and were eliminated in the quarterfinals at their second. Have they managed to turn themselves around to make another deep elimination run at a much deeper event than Palmetto? Flavor-ites: 1023, 3604, 3641 In the Mix: 910, 2832, 3542, 3656 Udder-rated: 66, 470, 3414, 4395, 5050, 5530 New Tastes: 6852 

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