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FIRST Alliances Invite

Hey TEAM! FRC Exploding Bacon 1902, would like to personally invite you to join! We think your team is awesome and would love to see your team on the Alliance. FIRST Alliances is a website designed to increase FIRST team collaboration and inspiration like never before. By showcasing teams and their initiatives easily, teams can further collaborate, assist, and inspire (or be inspired) by other teams. FIRST Alliances is open to all FIRST teams of all skill levels. Whether you’re a rookie FLL team, an FTC Inspire Award winner, or an FRC Einstein champion, our community has a place for you and your team. We’re constantly improving the site to make it easier and easier for FIRST teams to connect, collaborate, and learn. Our location search allows teams to connect with others in their area, promoting local connections. Our tag searches let you find teams that fit specific criteria and specialties, allowing you to find the perfect teachers or partners. Once you’re signed up, you’ll be eligible to be one of our weekly Spotlight teams (or programs) to get advertisement and shoutouts across all of our social media!

We graciously accepted the invite and you can find our team on the directory!

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