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15 hours left!

Can you believe it? The 2018 game is almost here!

Don't forget to download the game manual now as the file servers will not be able to handle the traffic tomorrow.

What you need to bring with you tomorrow:

1). Pen, pencils, scratch paper, notebook paper, highlighters, etc. for taking note, collaboration, sketching, etc.

2). Electronic device with already downloaded game manual. There will be 120V outlets to plug into. Since we do not get the game manual password, there will be NO PAPER COPIES available.

3). Wear you Team Shirt - Orange or Blue. If you do not have one, pick an orange or sapphire blue shirt to wear. We will be taking team photos for the yearbooks.

4). If you have one and can bring it, we need a half dozen GO-Pro style cameras to record our kick-off day. Bring a tripod too if you can.

5). Warm Clothing, in Layers. It's Michigan. It's robot season.

Special Note:

-Lunch is being provided by the boosters at 12 noon.

-Attendance will be take at 10am, 12noon and 6pm.

-Meeting will conclude promptly at 6pm. Be there to pick up your student by then.

-FAMNM, our kick-off host's agenda is found here.

- We will be meeting Sunday from 11am til 6pm. Same place. Bring a snack to pass.

Saturday's agenda:

8:15am North Campus Tours, UM Fair (see FAMNM Agenda)

9:30am - 6pm Team Meets


*All 3641 team members report to Room 1670

*Opening Ceremonies

*Attendance Taken

12 noon

*Lunch Provided by Boosters



* Attendance Taken


* Student Dismissed

Sunday's Agenda

11am - 6pm Team Meets - Bring a Snack to share


*Attendance taken


*Snack Break



* Attendance Taken


* Student Dismissed

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