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Lets talk!

Communication is the key, and the Flying Toasters know how to open the lock!


From inspiring videos to awesome newsletters, our team will continue to promote this communication while working with Edsfund.  Take a look at some of past work!

Engage, Inspire, Communicate, Document:   The Flying Toasters have continuously strived to improve our communication as communication is important if you want everyone working towards a common goal. 
Robotics can be fast and furious, so keeping each other on the same page is very important if you want to get there with the least speed bumps.  
Monthly newsletters, or "Good News" will be sent out to Edsfund, as well as a final report including one of our outstanding videos. Be assured, when our students are engaged, it's always awesome. 
A Blog?  Or maybe a series of Youtube videos capturing the progress of this challenge.
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