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& Start Brainstorming

QFD is used by businesses and designers to use the "voice of the customers" to improve their products while maximizing output and reducing costs.  Key to developing new product launches, such as automobiles to aircraft, QFD, results in better, faster, and more cost effecitve products.

Learn how the toasters use this well known process to go from kickoff to design quickly, effectively, and in the least time possible by downloading "Toaster Engineering".




Maximize your impact while reducing your effort...just as a FLYING TOASTER would do!

FORM A TEAM:  Invite, promote, and offer team bonding meetings, to put together a group of young ladies to take on this task.  Contact Society of Women Engineers, as well as other groups in promoting women in stem.  Once you have a team established, it's time to start the brainstorming process

Use QFD to find out what you need to, then check your solutions to see how the satisfy QFD. Combine solutions to get the best design per QFD. The Flying Toasters will be the guide.

Never on your own:  From forming a team, to establishing QFD, though brainstorming and choosing a final solution, TEAM 3641, the Flying Toasters will be there to ensure success, achievement, and fun!

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