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Governor's Education and Economic Summit 

March 2nd, 2015

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder calls the state's educational and business leaders together for a summit in Detroit to talk about the future of young children in Michigan.  A major push for skilled trades was pushed in his opening remarks.  Team 3641, the Flying Toasters were part of the opening ceremonies displaying a fantstic demonstration and infromative booth.  Many connections were made including a meeting with the governor !

FIRST Reader

March 1st, 2015

FIRST is, For Inspiration and Regonition of Science and Technology.  By creating our FIRST reading we were spreading their message.  The goal of "The Flying Toasters Spread the Word" is to share FIRST and STEAM with younger children and to expand their reach into the FIRST Lego-Leagues. In our book, there  is a forward from  Michigan Governor Synder supporting our project and STEAM carreers.  Our goal is to get it in every elementary school and library and around the world.  It has been translated into Japanese and Spanish. The Flying Toasters are truly spreading FIRST around the World. 

1. Governors Education and Economic Summit

2. Mott's Children Hosptial Coloring Book Drive

3. Lyon Area Rotary Club Luncheon



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