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The project in a nut shell!

There is nothing more frustrating when things don't fit together.  Even more so is when you have to make parts over again as they are off, incorrect, or out of tolerance.  Whereas with a Tormach Mill, parts can be machined easily and accurately.  Face it, some parts simply should not be made on a manual mill!

Problem:   How do we inspire girls to
participate in STE(A)M   ?
Our Solution:   Through a fun, engaging, and
rewarding project that will empower young ladies
to succeed and acheive greatness.  
The Challenge:  This Challenege will be for the young ladies to form a team to design, develop, machine, assemble, program, debug, and operate a robot.  This team of girls will develop a T-shirt throwing robot, establish a training program for future girl teams to operate it, and develop a corresponding informative display that will compliment the robot in promoting breast cancer awareness as part of the South Lyon High School Vs. South Lyon East High School Football game, which the community attends each year, promoting a "Pink out" for breast cancer awareness. 
The Tormach Mill is pivotal in making this endavor successful for the girls team.  The Tomach Mill is a game changer. 
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