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It's Time to Machine...

It takes lots of experience to operate a manual machine, whereas with a Tormach Mill, parts can be machined easily and accurately.  Face it, some parts simply cannot be made on a manual mill!

Machining with the Tormach Mill:   Using a CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) program, both simple and complex parts can be made by first time new learners.  This is powerful as it levels the playing field between genders, and makes it attainable for girls to make quality, precision, simple or complex parts wihtout frustration. 
The Tormach mill and it's accessories will be used to manufacture the components, such as gear boxes, transmissions, frame parts, and brackets to make the T-shirt launching robot become successful.  Each young lady will recieved extensive training, guidance, and support from qualified mentors so that success and acheivement will be in their grasp. Without the Tormach mill, girls would become frustrated and shy away from this adventure, and thus from this challenge.  In essence, the success of this challenge hindges on having a Tormach Mill. ALL PARTS TO BE MACHINED BY GIRLS ON THE TORMACH MILL. 
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