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Lincoln Event INFO #02


Please inform all guests of your teams that parking will be tight around 5pm Friday night and 12pm on Saturday. We will have a Shuttle available (details below). In addition any guests parked in the West lot directly outside of the Pits will be asked to move by 5pm on Friday night and by 12pm on Saturday. Check the other parking maps on the FIM Website for other parking information.

Shuttle Fri Evening and Saturday Afternoon

A shuttle will be provided from 5pm-9pm on Friday night and From 12pm-6pm on Saturday afternoon, to alleviate parking in the West Lot surrounding the MS Drama performance on that side of the building. Parking for the Shuttle will be in the Transportation Office Parking Lot indicated on the map, there will be additional stops at the Middle school Lots as well. Drop off will be at the Pits and Back Entrance to the Field area.

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